26JAN2017 A Narrow Flight from Parnast

The Group killed the three giants attacking them and narrowly avoided mishap on their way to the floating castle. Shrinin was there first, avoiding the Golem Guardians at the gate, finding Rumgar hiding between the two guard towers at the top. A single Frost Giant managed his way across the chain and plank bridge, breaking a couple of chains in the process. Guinevere slipped past a Frost Giant and made her way across the chain and plank bridge. The Frost Giant broke through the gateway, fighting the Golems and a multitude of castle defenders in the process before finally being felled by them. Halfway across the chain and plank bridge, all but one chain gave way under Bimshi’s feet. Slipping, he barely caught himself by a single hand and managed to pull himself up and tightrope walk his way across a single chain. An ogre defender spotted the Group hiding among the battlements, but was quickly dispatched by an arrow from Shrinin, and his death was assumed to have come from the village or the Frost Giants. After the last chain snapped and the castle was free of its mooring, Elron and Freya were still running to catch up to their friends. Shrinin cast a levitate spell on Elron, and lowered by Rumgar via rope, barely caught Freya by a single hand. Dangling below the castle, they were hauled up by the group and sought shelter in the narrow space between the battlements on the castle walls over the front gate. Huddled together in the battlements of the castle floating in the cold sky, the Group tries to get some rest from their adventure in Parnast.



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