19JAN2017 Overwatch on Parnast

The Group awakens to Rumgar the Dwarf watching them as they wake up from making camp the night before. Bagheera returns with the lizardmen to Naerytar. He informs the group that he is an agent for the Lords of Waterdeep, and that he will inform the Lords Alliance on the Group’s behalf. The Group scouts out Parnast from an overlook on the cliff, where the Frost Giants dare not tread, at Rumgar’s suggestion, who is waiting for an opportune time to loot from the Dragon Cult’s Hoard. Unbeknownst to the Group, the overlook is the nest of a Roc, who attacks the Group, being that all of them are in her nest. The group defeats the Roc, and is forced into action in Parnast when the Frost Giants (who are emboldened by the defeat of the Roc) start their attack on Parnast. In Parnast the Group fights a Frost Giant, and attracts the attention of two others. Meanwhile, the Frost Giants as a group are focused on making it to the floating castle moored at the edge of a cliff next to Parnast.



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