Exploring the Castle

The party spent a day recuperating in the gatehouse. The space was too small to stay there long and every minute waiting means the castle was that much closer to its destination. One by one each of the party member peeked out over the crenelations down to the courtyard quickly scanning the area. A few robed cultist were going about their duties feeling safe within the flying castle walls unaware they have been infiltrated.

The party regrouped back to the gatehouse to plan the next move. Lysander drew a rough sketch of the area from information of each party member. As he drew out the map, a familiarity of this castle nagged at him. A quick pause to clear his mind, and another to dive into his memories. Back to his youth, to his education, and to a boring lecture on storm giants. That was it, this castle belong to a storm giant named Blagcoscus. In a recent dispatch of intel he was missing along with his floating castle. Now the group had a rough idea of the castle layout and where to strike, the tower on the upper level- the control tower.

While the party was busy making plans, Rumgar did a quick exploring himself. He brought back three cultist robes and one for himself. Freya, Lysander, and <adam> don the robes. The other were turned invisible by Lysander and <jeff>.

Freya lead the group to the northern building, the stables. A few cultist looked they way, but paid no attention to them. As the last of the party entered the stables, the occupants stirred- two wyverns. They snapped at the party, their tails whipping striking air, straining their tethers, . <sean> stood fascinated by these creatures despite them trying to kill him. The party left, not wanting to engage in a needless fight, dragging <sean> away from the fascinating creatures. Outside, a small group of cultist laughed at the party for the “rookie mistake”.

To group continued to the door to the East of the stables, hoping for an unused room to base camp at. Instead it was an East/West hallway with a door to the North halfway down. A cold breeze continuously blew through the hall. The party opened the Northern door, stepping into a very cold bedchamber of no value. Lysander notice the North wall was “odd”. The breeze seem to come from it and it didn’t appear to be a “normal” wall to his elfin sight, or mage one. Reaching out to touch the wall, it disappeared revealing an opening to the outside of the castle wall- a landing pad.

The party continued down the hall turning right. There was a door to the right, a door to the left straight across, and the hall continuing next to the left door. The party choose the right side door. Rumgar checked the door for traps and listened for any sound. He found nothing, and heard nothing, however the door was locked. Taking his tools, he plied his skills, but was unable to open it. It surprised the party he was unable to open it, peaking their curiosity what was behind the locked door. <sean> sent his spider, Aragog, under the door to peer inside.

Aragog crawled under and up the wall next to the door. There was a fire bowl with a fire crackling, a bed, and two creatures lying next to the bed. The looked like diminutive dragons the size of a mastiff. On the bed was her, the one the party has been searching for but only heard of. The body of a human woman, but the neck and head of a black dragon. She was languishing on the bed with a goblet of wine.

<sean> related what he was seeing through his familar’s eyes. Frey and Fred buzzed with righteous anger. They both wanted her blood. With a half thought up plan, Freya pounded on the door. Fred stood behind and to the side, still invisible, gripping his massive 2- handed sword. The party stood ready to attack after Fred. Lysander offered a quick prayer for this foolhardy action, hoping they live through this.

<sean> saw through Aragog eyes the lady rushing from her bed toward the door at the intrusion, kicking it while reaching back for a sword. Her pets right behind her. He was unable to warn Freya fast enough. The door blasted out knocking her down. Fred’s sword came down with his full righteous faith and fury behind it striking a mighty blow and another on the upward swing. <sean> loosed an arrow embedding in her chest. Freya kick the door off, and swung her axe as she got up. The fury of Tempus raged through her as her axe cleaved into <dragonlady> chest. The <dragonlady> coughed up blood as <jeff> unleashed a bolt of lightning striking her and one of her pets frying them with crackling energy. Their smoking bodies falling to the ground. The last of the pets prepared to leap but Lysander was the faster casting a magical sleep onto it rendering it unconscious. In a matter of seconds the fight was over.



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