Aftermath and stalking the Cult Raiders


- A teenage villager stalks and attempts to stab Will and Jacob’s characters in the night. His mother was killed by the Dragon Champion, and he blames these two. He will attempt to kill Jacob’s character first, then Will.
When party goes back to the donkey, they see a cultist killed by acid, but the donkey is unharmed. The Baby Dragon emerges from the treeline, proud to have watched over their donkey. He does remind them that he’s hungry however…. He notes that he wishes to rename himself to “Bekisnhlekiliniuvelucal” (Death by Acid), or Velucal (Acid) as a shortened version. Aldwyin kills two prisoners before they can get any information
- When the party goes to find their mounts left outside of town, they find the Baby Dragon standing triumphantly over the bodies of 2 cultists dead by acid, and a third with a huge bite on his leg, rendering him unable to flee from the Dragon.
- The Group takes out a rear guard of Raiders.
The 15 year old villager tries to kill Jaguillen in his sleep, but is subdued by the party. Fred the Paladin is passionate about his fate and wants the boy to be raised properly in the temple of Torm. The party kills Bekis’ prisoner. Party defeats 4 humans and 6 kobolds in an ambush.
- Aldwyn stalks and puts a knife to the throat of one of the contracted Hunters. It is Bleddyn, Alwyn’s Uncle Oywn’s drinking buddy.

Rescue at the Temple of Greenvale


The party runs/rides to the temple to save the villagers. They kill or incapacitate Group A on the battering ram and hold off Group B with a wall of fire from oil flasks. They rescue the villagers stuck inside, and escort them all safely back to the keep – Erky tries to fight the Dragon Champion in solo combat, but is stopped by the party. In retaliation, the Dragon Champion kills his hostage, and abandons the women’s children on the road as they fall back. The party rests up in the keep to ride out the rest of the night.Fred rides into battle valiantly on a horse (like a Paladin should), Will saves Erky from single combat out of concern for Erky.

Continuing through Greenvale on fire


The Party defeats the 3 Cultists they met earlier in Oakhurst and the Sunless Citadel , safely escorts the family (4 civilians), drives away the Blue Dragon. 3 Civilians die in the Blue Dragon’s attack. Bimshi tracks Frulam Mondath to the east as she moves towards the looting on the east side of town.
Now that the Dragon is gone, Governor Nighthill looks for Leosin, to ask him why the Dragon attacked and then left abruptly. He can’t find him, an asks the Party if they saw anyone meeting his description. Erky says he is looking for Leosin. When they can’t find him, everyone figures out that Leosin must still be in the town somewhere. He notes that Leosin, a cleric, has always had a wild streak and is a bit of a rogue.

Entrance to Greenvale

The party defeats 6 cultists, 3 kobolds , and an ambush drake while entering the town of Greenvale, which is on fire. They come to Greenvale at the urging of Erky, who wishes to get a report from the Dragon Scholar Leosin, a Cleric of Ilmater (part of the holy trinity of Tyr/Torm/Ilmater).

The defeat of Belak and the Destruction of the Gulthias Tree


Keenan’s character Aldwin is rescued and joins the party

The party defeats the 8 goblins in the work area, pushes the shadow away, and defeats Belak (via the flash-bang method) and the two Gulthias tree supplicants. They also destroy the Gulthias tree.

The Pit

Party goes down root-lined shaft, defeats 2 skeletons 2 tree blights named Bugbear and 2 dire rats

The Kobold Sorceress' Throne Room

2ND LEVEL for Dan, Cam, Will, Meredith

One of the kobolds in this room is the kobold that escaped the encounter with the PCs near Oakhurst. When the PCs enter 18, this kobold is busy kicking the goblin prisoners. Regardless of whether or not the other kobolds are friendly or not towards the PCs, the kobold reacts in horror to seeing the Paladin and the Fighter. He quickly stirs up the other kobolds unless the PCs can pull off a miracle of diplomacy. Instead, they quickly kill him and charm the other kobold into going along with their story.

The Group and the Dragon Cult meet again in the Kobold Leader (Sorceress) throne room. They leave, and Meredith’s Sorceress meets the group for the first time. She is there to examine Dragon artifacts and rumors. She joins the group. The Group comes up with a plan to channel the Baby Green Dragon’s fury towards the Goblin Tribe, which succeeds immensely. They wipe out the Goblin Tribe, then convince the Baby Green Dragon to help them wipe out the Kobold Tribe, also a resounding success. The Group continues down into the lower levels of the Sunless Citadel, and the Baby Green Dragon leaves the Sunless Citadel.

The Group Enters the Sunless Citadel!

Stealing the Apple – Bimshi boards the cart bound for Waterdeep and steals the Apple. Maxwell charms (spell) the Farmer into telling the Group that he bought the Apple from Goblins to sell to a Waterdeep Merchant in order to make profit and save his farm. His financiers were the wealthier people in town (the Owner of the General Store and her friends).

The characters witness a merchant buying a single apple from a local, with a very large bag of gold (75+gp). The merchant is from Waterdeep and is returning with the apple, which he plans to sell for more than 200gp. The villager who sold the apple doesn’t want to talk about it, as he bought it from the goblins who have been plaguing the area. If pressed further, it becomes known that he runs the general store, and has gathered gold from the more prominent citizens as investments. He provides a decent return every year, but does not tell the investors how he does it. If it is known that he was dealing with goblins, it could go badly for him in the town.

Someone in the Tavern mentions that one of the lost adventurers was a Paladin of Lathandar, from Waterdeep, Sir Braford. Knowledge check – He is a son of one of Waterdeep’s noble families, who will pay well for information regarding their missing son. They will pay more for his remains to be returned intact.

While buying supplies, if anyone in the party mentions that they are buying gear to go into the Sunless Citadel, the merchant notifies Kerowyn Hucrele. She offers 125gp per signet ring found from her son and daughter who went missing in the Citadel.

investigating the mystery at the Farm – the Group stays the night at a farm on the outskirts of Oakhurst. They use a cow as bait (but disagree to set the cow afire) to lure out the tree creatures from The Sunless Citadel. Fred and Bimshi hide in the trees. Fred falls flat on his back, is winded, and the Group prevents him from being completely encircled by the tree creatures. They succeed in setting most of the tree creatures aflame, and defeat them in this manner.

Entering the Citadel, meeting Meepo – the Group enters the Citadel and convinces Meepo, the former keeper of the Green Wyrmling, to grant them an audience with the Kobold Leader, a Sorceress.

The Dragon Cult people are ahead of them, already talking with the kobold leader. If unprovoked, they will leave and set up camp for the night above the ravine. If the PCs camp near them or pass the camp at night they will encounter more tree-creatures. Because the Group has moved the Dragon Cult groups horses elsewhere, the Dragon Cult is forced to walk back to Oakhurst, a situation they are not happy with.

The First Session
Kobold Genocide

Goblin Slavers and Kobolds
Maxwell Silverhand (Brian) is traveling down the road from Waterdeep to Oakhurst when hears a commotion. Bimshi (who is taking a piss on the side of the road behind the foliage) is interrupted by Goblin slavers and their Kobold prisoners. Fred the Tumescant (Dan’s Character) and (Will’s character) are both traveling from the Elven lands in the High Forest from the north. The commotion attracts Maxwell, (Will’s character), as well as Fred. The group quickly kills the goblin captors. Fred decides to exterminate the helpless Kobolds for the glory of Torm. A couple of them pass out from fear, one pretends to be asleep while working to free himself from his bonds. He escapes Fred’s holy massacre and disappears into the woods.

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