17NOV A Criminal in Secomber and Sweet Revenge

While preparing to leave Secomber, the party sees Bimshi arrested and in the custody of two Knights of the Order of the Gauntlet. They agree to take custody of him and see him to justice in Waterdeep for the stolen apple in Oakhurst. Luckily for Bimshi, they encounter Erky Timbers and Leosin on the road, as the pair ride back from Waterdeep to Secomber. Erky writes a letter of character recommendation for Bimshi, and a letter of writ for the group.

The party sees their quarry, relaxing by a fire inside the woods with some roast rabbit. They surprise the five riders of the Cult of the Dragon, and handily dispatch them, leaving two for questioning. After gaining intel, the prisoners are dispatched and the party continues to Waterdeep.

They make the acquaintance of Janna Gleamsilver, who meets them on Skull Street at the Grey Ooze tavern. There, she lets them know of their mutual goals to stop the Dragon Cultists. Bimshi uses his Criminal Contact feature, and an acquaintance named Rodent from Bimshi’s former Thieves Guild shows up. Rodent agrees to help put the ear to the ground and try to find out as much as he can about the Cultists and their movements.

18OCT Clearing the Cave and a Meeting in Secomber

The Group gets in a pitched battle with the Hobgoblin Warlord, and his two Hobgoblin Captains. After defeating them, they dispatch the remainder of the goblin warren. They find a Bag of Holding in the Hobgoblin Warlord’s treasure. They continue to Secomber, knowing that the riders went west. In Secomber, they meet Ontharr Frume, a Paladin of Torm, and Fred’s former mentor at the Temple of the Holy Trinity. He tells the group that he is awaiting intel from the Harpers and the Emerald Enclave regarding the activity of the Dragon Cult.

04OCT2016 Stormpeace and the Prisoners in the Cave

The Group is forced off the road due to a severe storm, entering the Dripping Caves. They avoid fighting with the ogres at the entrance, who are honoring the storm peace. Upon hearing a scream from inside the caves, the group enters and fights 4 goblins and two hobgoblins. They free the villagers, and decide to investigate further. They dispatch the goblin sentry, deciding not to take him up on his offer to enact a coup against his hobgobin masters.

13SEP Leaving Greenvale

Freya joins the group. Fred tries to encourage a coup in town, but fails to convince the townspeople. He challenges the mayor to a fistfight outside the tavern and amidst the celebrations. The mayor loses the fight, but maintains influence over the town. The group decides to go after the tracks of 4-5 riders associated with the Dragon Cult instead of going after the main wagon train.

Rest and Re-Equip in Greenvale

The Mayor of Greenvale gives everyone in the Order of the Wild Flame letters to present to merchants in town. These letters specify that each merchant is to provide goods and services to the Order of the Wild Flame at half cost. In the following folder, goods and services are available from 111 and onward of the Player’s Handbook, and in Aurora’s Whole Realms Catalogue. Keep in mind that not everything will be available, so send me a message with your shopping list and I’ll let you know what’s available and what’s not. Enjoy!


10AUG2016 Wrapping up the Hatchery

The Order of the Wild Flame forced Langdedrosa to flee. Langdedrosa used a potion of fly to escape up the 30 foot shaft, and the group got bogged down trying to climb up via rope, taking some damage in the process. They switched focus towards the hatchery. Bimshi was hit with a couple of sling bullets, before bringing the rest of the group who defeated the Kobold and Drake guardians of the eggs. Bekis gleefully destroyed the eggs. The group salvaged two of the stillborn black dragons in order to sell their parts. They returned to town to a heroes welcome, and ran into the cattle owner they met in Oakhurst. She gave them 5 rations per party member, and assigning the cost to Greenvale. Bimshi stole a cow to feed to a grateful Bekis, who is hiding at the edge of town and undergoing an existential crisis.

Freeing Bekis

The Group comes upon a pack of Kobolds trying to abscond with a muzzled and chained Bekis into another room. Killing most of the Kobolds, they chase the captors into an underground stair, into the shrine of Tiamat, where Langdedrosa is waiting with his Berserker squad, along with Frulam Mondath. Langdedrosa quaffs a Potion of Darkvision and extinguishes the only light source in the room, hoping to provide an advantage in the dark for himself and the Dwarven Berserker. Frulam casts a silence spell towards the entrance of the shrine, negating the Group’s spellcasting advantage. The Group counters by having the Sorceress cast a light spell on her spear, which the Dwarven Berserker desperately tries to cover while the party dispatches the other three Berserkers. Frulam, seeing the fight is lost, casts an Expeditious Retreat spell and flees the fray. Fred takes on Langdedrosa one on one as the rest of the group dispatches the last of the Berserkers. Fred, at the end of his righteous fury, swings a mighty blow at Langdedrosa whom dodges the attack. Fred’s greatsword strikes the ground shattering the blade.


Using intel from Bimshi the Halfling Rogue, the party comes up with an excellent plan to entrap and funnel the cultists in their barracks into a fatal funnel. Using a flaming sphere from the Wild Elf Sorceress, the party trapped the cultists while Fred the Tumescent went into a divinely inspired rage, with backup from Lysander and Eragon. As they wrapped up the battle, Eragon spotted a Half-Orc slave of the cult, who turned out to be recently enslaved, and a worshiper of the sun god. Taking a cultish prisoner, they used his intel to bypass the deadly fungi in the next room, but ran afoul of the blood drinkers that attempted to drain the party of their blood and constitution. Successfully defeating these flying menaces, they prepare to enter the next room in search of their captured Dragon companion, Bekis.


Leosin reveals himself as a member of the Harpers, and Erky reveals that he is a member of the Order of the Fist. He says that he is recommending Fred as a potential member of the Order of the Fist. Leosin and Erky travel back to Waterdeep together in order to report their findings about the Dragon Cult back to their respective leaders. However, before they leave, Erky and Bimshi get drunk together off of a half jug of Dwarven Whiskey, and “hug it out” before Erky leaves for Waterdeep the next morning. Bimshi scouts out the cave entrance successfully and overhears the guards talking about a captured Green Dragon. The party fast-ropes successfully onto the 4 elite guards that are guarding the entrance of the cave, granting the party surprise, and defeats the 4 guards. Guinevere hypnotizes the last survivor into revealing more information.

Rescuing Leosin from the Cult Raider Camp

The Group rescues Leosin, but gets Bekis the Green Dragon caught in the process. They managed to infiltrate the camp unnoticed with the help of the Hunters, until they hatched their “distraction plan”. The “distraction plan” consisted of the Elf Sorceress casting flaming sphere and Bekis swooping in to distract the Cult Leaders while the rest of the group freed Leosin. Bekis was hit with a ranged attack (natural 20) by one of the Cult Elites, and fell to the ground, swarmed by the Cultists and captured. One of the contracted Hunters (Adam) joins the party in order to get away from his current employers.


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