Fred the Tumescent

Half Elf Paladin





New info:

Half-Elf Features
• Within 60 feet of you, treat dim light as bright, darkness as dim light
• Immune to magical sleep, advantage on saves vs charmed
Folk Hero Feature:
• Commoners are willing to shelter you from some trouble
Class Features:
• As an action, detect the location of any celestial, fiend or undead and any consecrated or desecrated place or object within 60 feet (1 + Cha mod per day)
• Gain a reservoir of healing power (25), and as an action, you can heal a creature you touch by draining that power. You can also cure one poison or disease from the creature by sacrificing 5hp from the reservoir
• You can sacrifice a spell slot to deal (1 + spell level)d8 radiant damage plus 1d8 extra damage vs undead/fiends, when you hit with a melee weapon attack
• Fighting Style – Great Weapon Fighting: Reroll 1’s and 2’s on two-handed melee weapon damage dice
• Gain immunity to disease
• Paladin Archetype: Vengeance
• Abjure Enemy (see rules)
• Vow of Enmity (see rules)
• Great Weapon Master: You can make a bonus action attack after critting or killing a creature and you can take -5 to a melee attack for +10 damage
• You can make two attacks on your turn


Fred the Tumescent

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