Half Orc Cleric of Tempus



His mother a human slave of an Orcish tribe, and not knowing his Orcish father, Bark grew up nameless until a juvenile. His mother died when he was young, unsuited to the harsh life of a human slave in an Orcish camp. Bark survived the juvenile fighting pits, becoming a full member of the tribe. He took part in a raid to the south, at the edge of the Misty Forest. His tribe slaughtered a caravan, but Bark took pity on an innocent pair of Humans. His tribe member slaughtered the pair in front of Bark. In a fit of rage divinely inspired by Tempus, God of War, Bark slew the Orc. Knowing that he would face death for killing a fellow tribe member during a raid, Bark absconded to the South, making his way amongst the edges of human civilization. He made his way into Greenvale to refit and resupply, when he was captured by the Cult of the Dragon and forced into labor in their camp. He escaped and killed one of his captors, and came upon the party while foraging in the cave. Having a common enemy with the party, he joined them and is now fighting along their side.



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