Aldwin Thardresk

Human Netherese Ranger/Rogue



NOTE FOR KEENAN: Your sword is now +2 to hit and damage

A Hunter approaches Keenan and says, “Hello brother. What news?” He has an identical PIN on his cloak. Keenan recognizes him as one of his uncle Owyn’s “drinking buddies” (Bleddyn), except that in the past, whenever he’s seen them together in the tavern, they’ve never seemed to have a good time over their ale. He last saw the man in the tavern with his uncle over 6 months prior to Keenan leaving the village. He tells Keenan that he suspects that the Cult might be planning to use ancient Netherese magic items and magic, but he isn’t sure what. He wants to return to the home town to report his findings, and asks that Keenan continue the investigation, as he has a better chance with a large party to back him.


Every 200 years the Ancient Red Dragon that rules over his town awakens and consumes a virgin. This bicenturial event is preceded by visions of being consumed in the upcoming victims dreams, then waking visions until it is so. Every 200 years a hero from the victims family leaves the town to find a way to stop the Dragon, never to return. Keenan’s sister has the vision, is a magical prodigy that no one can explain, and it is up to him to be the hero that leaves the town to find a way to stop the Dragon before it stirs from its slumber and devours his sister. This town is remotely located somewhere in the foothills of the Stormhorn mountains and self-sufficient, and as such is too far to call upon aid from any kingdom or city-state, as the neighboring rulers do not care to intervene, busy as they are with their own problems. The town is a remnant of Anauria, one of the floating cities of Netheril that made it safely to the ground in -339 (approximately 1700 years ago). “Year of Sundered Webs: Ioulaum abandons his floating city for his lair in the depths of the Northdark. Civil unrest peaks in Low and High Netheril. Karsus casts Karsus’s avatar, and floating cities plummet to the ground across Faerûn. The Sargauth demense collapses. Mystryl sacrifices herself to save magic on Faerûn and is reincarnated as the first Mystra. She saves three of the floating cities—Anauria, Asram, and Hlondath—from destruction. The survivors found three Netherese survivor states of the same names. Refugees found Philock in the middle Underdark beneath the Wood of Sharp Teeth. Meanwhile, the archwizard Raumark leads a flight of Netherese skyships south to settle the Halruaan basin.”

As a parting gift, his Uncle gives him a pin for his cloak, which has a mountain peak shattering as its symbol.

Aldwin Thardresk

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