22NOV Further Adventures in Waterdeep

Emerging from the Elven Embassy (and Fred coming from the temple of Torm), the party sees Rodent being harassed by Elven guards. Rodent tells them that Cultists are indeed about, and that he’s seen Langdedrosa (the large human) and Frulam Mondath about. In addition, he has also seen a Red Wizard of Thay, which is a rarity in this area. The party follows the trio who arrive separately at the Grey Ooze. The party also runs into Janna Gleamsilver, who has her eye on the trio as well. The party decides to slip away before being noticed, and watches the trio. The party’s plan is to find out which wagons the Cult Leaders are attaching themselves to, in order to track the movements of the treasure headed to Tiamat.



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