20DEC2016 Mystery at the Roadhous

Jaguillen rejoins the group on orders from the city watch at Greenvale. They use the Rod of Vorindon to find the part of the machine, made of adamantine. Two merchants offer to buy the adamantine for 3,000 gp (in gems) and make armor for the group, ready in two weeks. Jaguillen and Bimshi break into one of the merchant’s houses and steal a scimitar and a rapier. Jaguillen is spotted as they run away. The group makes it to the roadhouse and sneaks into the basement, with Guinevere in disguise and Jaguillen and Bimshi in the shadows. Guinevere meets Snapjaw, a lizardman who does not like the bullywugs in the swamp. The group determine that the marked boxes are being snuck through a tunnel by the lizardmen, but elect not to follow through the tunnel. They decide to go overland instead, to the castle. They enconter 12 bullywugs, and defeat them in the swamp.



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