13DEC2016 On the road and into town

The group meets Baghiera, a Mercenary Fighter in the Grey Ooze Tavern, who offers his services to them as a bodyguard. The next day they gather up the entourage, with Lysander as the head of an Elven delegation to Neverwinter. He is assigned two Elven Rangers, and a Court Mage. They employ Baghiera and the caravan moves out towards Neverwinter. During one of the night rests for the caravan, the Elven Court Mage discerns which of the wagons are carrying the ill-gotten Cult treasure, and wizard marks them. At a stopover in a town near Naeretyr castle, the town is attacked by two Fire Giants and their cadre of Orcs and Orogs. Bimshi the Rogue crawls out of a wagon, where he was hiding to smuggle himself out of Waterdeep, and then joins the fight against the Fire Giants. Baghiera knocked the Rod of Locate Objects out of the Fire Giant’s hand, which Bimshi deftly scooped up and rolled out of the way of the Fire Giant trying to tackle him to get it back. The group defeats the Fire Giants, causing them to flee. The group figures out that the wizard marked wagons are headed to Castle Naeretyr, under guise of construction supplies.



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