Freeing Blagothkus

The Group goes to the upper courtyard, where they run from the javelin barrage of the two Ogres in tower 17, and into the steering tower with Blagothkus. With Rath Modar gone, they make short work of the spell binding Blagothkus . Fred and Shrinin climb tower 17, and along with ranged help from the group, defeat the two Ogres in the tower, and the group defeats another two Ogres that come running plus 4 cultists. The Ogres call for more reinforcements before they are defeated.

Exploring the Castle

The party spent a day recuperating in the gatehouse. The space was too small to stay there long and every minute waiting means the castle was that much closer to its destination. One by one each of the party member peeked out over the crenelations down to the courtyard quickly scanning the area. A few robed cultist were going about their duties feeling safe within the flying castle walls unaware they have been infiltrated.

The party regrouped back to the gatehouse to plan the next move. Lysander drew a rough sketch of the area from information of each party member. As he drew out the map, a familiarity of this castle nagged at him. A quick pause to clear his mind, and another to dive into his memories. Back to his youth, to his education, and to a boring lecture on storm giants. That was it, this castle belong to a storm giant named Blagcoscus. In a recent dispatch of intel he was missing along with his floating castle. Now the group had a rough idea of the castle layout and where to strike, the tower on the upper level- the control tower.

While the party was busy making plans, Rumgar did a quick exploring himself. He brought back three cultist robes and one for himself. Freya, Lysander, and <adam> don the robes. The other were turned invisible by Lysander and <jeff>.

Freya lead the group to the northern building, the stables. A few cultist looked they way, but paid no attention to them. As the last of the party entered the stables, the occupants stirred- two wyverns. They snapped at the party, their tails whipping striking air, straining their tethers, . <sean> stood fascinated by these creatures despite them trying to kill him. The party left, not wanting to engage in a needless fight, dragging <sean> away from the fascinating creatures. Outside, a small group of cultist laughed at the party for the “rookie mistake”.

To group continued to the door to the East of the stables, hoping for an unused room to base camp at. Instead it was an East/West hallway with a door to the North halfway down. A cold breeze continuously blew through the hall. The party opened the Northern door, stepping into a very cold bedchamber of no value. Lysander notice the North wall was “odd”. The breeze seem to come from it and it didn’t appear to be a “normal” wall to his elfin sight, or mage one. Reaching out to touch the wall, it disappeared revealing an opening to the outside of the castle wall- a landing pad.

The party continued down the hall turning right. There was a door to the right, a door to the left straight across, and the hall continuing next to the left door. The party choose the right side door. Rumgar checked the door for traps and listened for any sound. He found nothing, and heard nothing, however the door was locked. Taking his tools, he plied his skills, but was unable to open it. It surprised the party he was unable to open it, peaking their curiosity what was behind the locked door. <sean> sent his spider, Aragog, under the door to peer inside.

Aragog crawled under and up the wall next to the door. There was a fire bowl with a fire crackling, a bed, and two creatures lying next to the bed. The looked like diminutive dragons the size of a mastiff. On the bed was her, the one the party has been searching for but only heard of. The body of a human woman, but the neck and head of a black dragon. She was languishing on the bed with a goblet of wine.

<sean> related what he was seeing through his familar’s eyes. Frey and Fred buzzed with righteous anger. They both wanted her blood. With a half thought up plan, Freya pounded on the door. Fred stood behind and to the side, still invisible, gripping his massive 2- handed sword. The party stood ready to attack after Fred. Lysander offered a quick prayer for this foolhardy action, hoping they live through this.

<sean> saw through Aragog eyes the lady rushing from her bed toward the door at the intrusion, kicking it while reaching back for a sword. Her pets right behind her. He was unable to warn Freya fast enough. The door blasted out knocking her down. Fred’s sword came down with his full righteous faith and fury behind it striking a mighty blow and another on the upward swing. <sean> loosed an arrow embedding in her chest. Freya kick the door off, and swung her axe as she got up. The fury of Tempus raged through her as her axe cleaved into <dragonlady> chest. The <dragonlady> coughed up blood as <jeff> unleashed a bolt of lightning striking her and one of her pets frying them with crackling energy. Their smoking bodies falling to the ground. The last of the pets prepared to leap but Lysander was the faster casting a magical sleep onto it rendering it unconscious. In a matter of seconds the fight was over.

26JAN2017 A Narrow Flight from Parnast

The Group killed the three giants attacking them and narrowly avoided mishap on their way to the floating castle. Shrinin was there first, avoiding the Golem Guardians at the gate, finding Rumgar hiding between the two guard towers at the top. A single Frost Giant managed his way across the chain and plank bridge, breaking a couple of chains in the process. Guinevere slipped past a Frost Giant and made her way across the chain and plank bridge. The Frost Giant broke through the gateway, fighting the Golems and a multitude of castle defenders in the process before finally being felled by them. Halfway across the chain and plank bridge, all but one chain gave way under Bimshi’s feet. Slipping, he barely caught himself by a single hand and managed to pull himself up and tightrope walk his way across a single chain. An ogre defender spotted the Group hiding among the battlements, but was quickly dispatched by an arrow from Shrinin, and his death was assumed to have come from the village or the Frost Giants. After the last chain snapped and the castle was free of its mooring, Elron and Freya were still running to catch up to their friends. Shrinin cast a levitate spell on Elron, and lowered by Rumgar via rope, barely caught Freya by a single hand. Dangling below the castle, they were hauled up by the group and sought shelter in the narrow space between the battlements on the castle walls over the front gate. Huddled together in the battlements of the castle floating in the cold sky, the Group tries to get some rest from their adventure in Parnast.

19JAN2017 Overwatch on Parnast

The Group awakens to Rumgar the Dwarf watching them as they wake up from making camp the night before. Bagheera returns with the lizardmen to Naerytar. He informs the group that he is an agent for the Lords of Waterdeep, and that he will inform the Lords Alliance on the Group’s behalf. The Group scouts out Parnast from an overlook on the cliff, where the Frost Giants dare not tread, at Rumgar’s suggestion, who is waiting for an opportune time to loot from the Dragon Cult’s Hoard. Unbeknownst to the Group, the overlook is the nest of a Roc, who attacks the Group, being that all of them are in her nest. The group defeats the Roc, and is forced into action in Parnast when the Frost Giants (who are emboldened by the defeat of the Roc) start their attack on Parnast. In Parnast the Group fights a Frost Giant, and attracts the attention of two others. Meanwhile, the Frost Giants as a group are focused on making it to the floating castle moored at the edge of a cliff next to Parnast.

12JAN2017 The Ballad of the Assault on Castle Naerytar

Composed by Freyja, Halfling War Cleric of Tempus

Enchanted is the castle that we deem to overthrow
Each one of us with swords, ax, spells, might, and bow
To the curious of minds and danger we see not
In the tower made of stone where so bravely we have fought
Earthquake had befallen our most recently of foe
And so we are acending to come meet what is to know
The spirits trapped there cannot harm us though they seem to try
For a cyllinder of magic is a fortress low and high
These undeadly kind must flee from the might of Fred’s great sword
And turn from undead being by Shrinin’s fiercely orbs
Gwenivere shoots to kill with her mighty bow in hand
Each arrow sending death wherever they do land
We roam throughout the castle still not finished is our task
No rock shall be unturned, no foe is left unmasked
We meet a red robed evil one who dares to threaten death
Our wizard sends the earth to crush her with the will of just his breath
With her dies her minons unwith the battle sword
Freya bids her breathless body to give us just a word
The spell is cast on the deadly crumpled witch
And questions can we ask this newly red dead bitch
Few questions can be answered yet secrets do unfold
Tales of floating castles, other worlds, and jewels and gold
But then attack is heard and Fred is taken by surprise
The fight is ending quickly as is the light in our Fred’s eyes
The startled group is quick and rallies to fight back
Even Bimshi far outside can feel his heart in this attack
The paladin falls down in most unseemingly defeat
But the magic in our souls will not let his heart unbeat
With might and strength he stands as tall and health does he restore
And our friend looks on unscathed as he ever had before
Just then a fiery dragon of the black kind lands nearby
We glance at one another, through the portal we must fly
The other side is cold, and in the mountains we arrive
We hunker down to set up camp so gloriously alive
We’re promised night and round the campfire do we sit
We discuss the days undoings to make tomorrows somehow fit
And the justly day wraps up with yet another foe to slay
For we shall all sleep tight to live well another day

5JAN2017 Part II Assault on Castle Naerytar

The group continues their assault, finishing off the first wave of cultists, bullywugs, and stopping some of the fleeing cultists. In the earth tremor spell, Azbara Jos, a renegade Red Wizard of Thay is killed. They find a diagram of the portal and the code word for its use.

Frontal Assault on Castle Naerytyr

With the help of Snapjaw, the group recruits the lizardfolk tribe to assault Castle Naerytyr. Taking losses, the lizardfolk overwhelm the first line of defense of bullywug defenders with the help of the group. Everyone is locked in combat while several lizardfolk hold the doors shut to the feasting hall.

20DEC2016 Mystery at the Roadhous

Jaguillen rejoins the group on orders from the city watch at Greenvale. They use the Rod of Vorindon to find the part of the machine, made of adamantine. Two merchants offer to buy the adamantine for 3,000 gp (in gems) and make armor for the group, ready in two weeks. Jaguillen and Bimshi break into one of the merchant’s houses and steal a scimitar and a rapier. Jaguillen is spotted as they run away. The group makes it to the roadhouse and sneaks into the basement, with Guinevere in disguise and Jaguillen and Bimshi in the shadows. Guinevere meets Snapjaw, a lizardman who does not like the bullywugs in the swamp. The group determine that the marked boxes are being snuck through a tunnel by the lizardmen, but elect not to follow through the tunnel. They decide to go overland instead, to the castle. They enconter 12 bullywugs, and defeat them in the swamp.

13DEC2016 On the road and into town

The group meets Baghiera, a Mercenary Fighter in the Grey Ooze Tavern, who offers his services to them as a bodyguard. The next day they gather up the entourage, with Lysander as the head of an Elven delegation to Neverwinter. He is assigned two Elven Rangers, and a Court Mage. They employ Baghiera and the caravan moves out towards Neverwinter. During one of the night rests for the caravan, the Elven Court Mage discerns which of the wagons are carrying the ill-gotten Cult treasure, and wizard marks them. At a stopover in a town near Naeretyr castle, the town is attacked by two Fire Giants and their cadre of Orcs and Orogs. Bimshi the Rogue crawls out of a wagon, where he was hiding to smuggle himself out of Waterdeep, and then joins the fight against the Fire Giants. Baghiera knocked the Rod of Locate Objects out of the Fire Giant’s hand, which Bimshi deftly scooped up and rolled out of the way of the Fire Giant trying to tackle him to get it back. The group defeats the Fire Giants, causing them to flee. The group figures out that the wizard marked wagons are headed to Castle Naeretyr, under guise of construction supplies.

22NOV Further Adventures in Waterdeep

Emerging from the Elven Embassy (and Fred coming from the temple of Torm), the party sees Rodent being harassed by Elven guards. Rodent tells them that Cultists are indeed about, and that he’s seen Langdedrosa (the large human) and Frulam Mondath about. In addition, he has also seen a Red Wizard of Thay, which is a rarity in this area. The party follows the trio who arrive separately at the Grey Ooze. The party also runs into Janna Gleamsilver, who has her eye on the trio as well. The party decides to slip away before being noticed, and watches the trio. The party’s plan is to find out which wagons the Cult Leaders are attaching themselves to, in order to track the movements of the treasure headed to Tiamat.


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